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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

JFTC: It's Hot Out Here

(Posted Wednesday, September 23rd at 1:00am) I have no idea what the temperature has been but you know it's hot when....your bottle of Aleve GelCaps no longer rattles because they've all partly melted together. For real. In the shade. We definitely haven't had to worry about cold, morning weather yet. I'm Ok with that.

The last two days have been warm-ups. 60-ways with 2 whacker groups. We're getting very technical debriefs which is great - the learning curve is very apparent from jump to jump. The fall rate is FAST. I'm wearing 17.5 pounds of lead. I don't think I'll need to add any more which is good because my weight belt is full and I'm stuffing it down my shirt now. It will be interesting to see if I still need that much when we put all the groups together. I'm very thankful for Kyle's slightly bigger canopy. More weight means more speed.

Tomorrow we go big. Meeting at 7AM in jumpsuits ready to dirt-dive the 180-way. History in the making - there have never been this many pink jumpsuits in one place before.
Blue Ones,

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