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Monday, October 12, 2009

Greetings from US Nationals!

The Skydive Carolina Crew has arrived at Skydive Spaceland amidst a buzz of activity.With dark clouds all around the DZ, Otters are running between a trough which settled over the DZ for about an hour...with no time to waste, meet director Scott Smith got things running quickly. Many are pleasantly surprised by the window of opportunity as every forecast on the news calls for doom and gloom. 4-Way has started. The current numbers for the 4-way aspect of the competition is 33 Intermediate / 9 Advanced and 16 Open class teams.

Current Vibe

Weather hold just got put into effect again....many of the teams are handling the delay differently. One team was doing jumping jacks, others surfing the web, sleeping, shooting the bull, eating.....waiting.


Of the Skydive Carolina teams, Virginia Tech got off to a strong start with 12 points in Round 1.
Carolina Ice got to full altitude and did a couple of go-arounds before the round was ditched due to clouds.

Upcoming.....Current scores.

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