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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hello 2010

No one likes a tired blog.....but through the winter doldrums we took a little respite from our little corner on the web to recharge our batteries from a busy 2009. Well we've recharged and we are rip-roaring ready to bring on 2010! So bring on the fun! The weather is amazing, and we are so happy to be looking at the worst winter in 24 years squarely in the rear view mirror. Peace out cold, hello happy warmth! Since the middle of March, Skydive Carolina has been in full swing with a major crescendo this past weekend with our 4th annual College Weekend Spring Fling. We welcomed students from all over the southeast as they took the plunge with us in order to fire up their juices as they prep for end of year exams. If you can skydive, what's a couple of exams? We agree....nothing!

So, here we are on the eve of another great weather weekend and with some great events on the upcoming calendar. On Friday, April 30th thru Sunday, May 2nd we will be hosting the Casa and 30-way formation skydives with the Carolina Flock and world reknowned skydiver Roger Ponce de Leon. Our major event of the year, CarolinaFest promises to host some of the best skydivers in the world with the inclusion of world champions, Kirk Verner and Amy Chmelecki.

It's going to be a fabulous year and we look forward to you joining us for some skydives whether you have zero jumps or 10,000 - we welcome you to Skydive Carolina!

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