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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Black Ice Leads After Round 1

Photos - Day 3 Morning

Two hours ago, Black Ice stepped on the Otter to get their nationals underway and made a strong statement to the competition.... Black Ice will be the team to beat. The team scored 11 points after Rd. 1 and currently leads by 2 points. It's too early to get excited as there is a long way to go until the 10th round is complete. Black Ice completed round 1 over an hour ago, but literally out of no where heavy winds rolled off the Sonoran desert. Honestly, it was calm one minute and then gail-force winds the next exacerbated by an amazing amount of dust that blankets everything....The winds have settled down and competition has resumed. Hopefully the team will be able to get into a rhythm of the competition rather than a start and stop, start and stop situation. So, here we's early, but we've gotten off to a good start. Go Black Ice!

In the 8-Way Open Class, Airspeed will be competing against the formidable French who have opened with an amazing score of 27 in the first round besting Airspeed by 4 points. This isn't a huge surprise as France Maubeuge 8-way have been together for 4 years with a large emphasis on 8-way. Airspeed has been focused on nothing but 4-way competition. It will be interesting to see if Airspeed, with all the talent assembled on this team, will be able to overcome the French. In my opinion, a victory for Airspeed here would be amazing.

Okay, so that's my post for Round 1...more to come as the day goes. If you're on Facebook, I am changing my status with results from my iPhone with updates on the be my friend and you'll get results before it's posted to Omniskore.

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