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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Solid Round 2


Ice just landed from Round 2. The team appeared to have 12 points locked in, but the judges apparently saw a bust on the 6th point. The team settles for 11 points in Round 2 which is still excellent. This is the start the team needs. No one on the team is concerned with even looking at the scores until it's all over. They are focused and taking it one round at a time.

Though Ice leads, Cross Keys 8 is right on their heels after a solid 10 points in round 2. Black Ice leads by 3 overall, which is a very slim lead in this competition. Anything can happen. Incidentally, Flash Fury Havoc had a great round 2 with 11 points. They have been rumored to be very good, but had a very disappointing 6 in the first round.

In the Open Class, the French lead Airspeed by 5 thru 2 rounds.

More to come.....


Katstring said...

We're so proud of the team - they're doing great! Thanks for keeping us up to date - the blog and the pictures are wonderful.


Chris said...

Good luck to the guys.

Pete is the man.