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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Technical Rd. 3...Ice Leads by 2


In a highly technical round 3, Ice had 6 points which they were satisfied with....lots of verticals in this round which meant for less speed and a little more precision. Cross Keys 8 made up a little ground with a 7 for the round putting them only 2 points behind Ice. Flash Fury Havoc are now showing true form by working their way up the leaderboard positioning themselves firmly in third place and a scant 4 points behind Ice. Through three rounds, this is anyone's meet and it seems that it will come down to the end. Ice will need to remain sharp and continue to push hard as they can feel the other teams breathing down their necks. This is going to be a close one folks!

In the Open Class, Airspeed just posted 14 points in their round...everyone is awaiting to see what the French come down with.....more to come from Eloy!

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