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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Planning a Great 2009

As the skydiving season is beginning to slow down for 2008, we here at Skydive Carolina are challenged to create a great calendar of skydiving for 2009 that will challenge and develop skydivers from around the region as well as the population at Skydive Carolina. There is a lot of excitement brewing as the planning is in swing for CarolinaFest 2009, The Carolina Project, and bringing in some of the great names in our sport for coaching and skills development.

(Above: Me, creating events for the 2009 calendar).

I am very excited to announce CarolinaFest 2009. Our anticipation is that this will be one of the finest boogies in the US in 2009 that will focus on collegiate skydiving, world class organizers, free jumps, great food, entertainment and one of the best boogie bags seen at any boogie in a long time.
Mark your calendars for CarolinaFest 2009 - June 2 - 7.

Having taken inspiration from Perris Valley, Skydive Carolina is developing the Carolina Project. In an effort to improve skydiving skills, and see more teams at the US Natioanls, Skydive Carolina will begin a 4-way development program which will include excellent coaching, seminars and an interleague competition program.

There are a few other things under development to be released in the near stay tuned!

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